James Murphy Shares Note On American Dream: “It’s The Best I’ve Felt About An LCD LP Ever”

We’re officially just two weeks out from the release of LCD Soundsystem’s long-awaited reunion album American Dream, and James Murphy has taken to Facebook to address some final matters before then. First and foremost, he has unambiguously confirmed that “yes, that’s the cover.” But it’s not all bad news! He also shared that anyone who purchased a ticket to one of LCD Soundsystem’s upcoming tour dates will get a free American Dream CD, or have the option to pay slightly more and receive a vinyl copy. Even more exciting/potentially terrifying is what Murphy had to say about the actual music: “some of you may hate it, but i’m very proud of it. it’s the best i’ve felt about an LCD LP ever. which could totally spell disaster.” You can read his full statement below.

hey there. so it’s time for some clarifications, etc. it’ll be a somewhat long email, for which i (james) apologize in advance. i’ll try my best to make it all make sense–you know, be clear and concise, and all that.
the record is almost out–september 1–and there are some funny things to mention before then:
1. yes, that’s the cover.
2. if you bought a ticket to any of the upcoming (non-festival) US tour dates, you should have received an email from someone (label? ticket company?) which maybe looked like spam. i would have assumed it was spam. essentially, everyone who bought tickets for these upcoming shows is entitled to a CD in the mail. like, no charge. no shipping. just free/included with your ticket. you don’t HAVE to take the CD, but it’s yours if you want it. i’m pretty sure it will arrive at yours on sept 1. and you can take your CD and pretend it’s 1995. (joking aside, it’s a nice looking CD. and YES with the same artwork). you can also, in lieu of the aforementioned CD, pay a surcharge and get the vinyl. i think it’s like $8 to $10 off the vinyl or something. that should also get to you on september 1* (you know, provided you redeem yr freebee in time, or don’t live on a ship). there will apparently be 2 more “reminder emails” about it, so if you want the CD (or the vinyl) don’t just delete it. i mean, get ‘em all and use the cd covers to keep unstable tables level. put them in yr car “just in case”. give them as a gift to someone who A. hates lcd, or B. doesn’t have a CD player. i could go on. there are uses.
(*note: i think you can order this AFTER september 1 as well, but why not just, like, do it now? so you can forget about it?)
3. you can pre-order the record (CD, vinyl or cassette… yes, cassette… and you can pretend it’s 1985…) from DFA in the link below. there are a bunch of packages that jon at DFA came up with (i think? go jon!). they include tote bags and things of that nature. these things should ALSO be to you by september 1. if it’s not too many people for the tiny DFA office to handle.
4. as you may have seen, we made a video for the song “tonite” while we were in melbourne, and now it’s on the internet. this means that it’s a “single”, though i kind of beg to differ because i’m the kind of person who thinks of a single as a physical thing, like a 7″. regardless, it’s a video. the only video so far because we haven’t had the time or headspace to make any others (though i hope we will! that was more fun than usual.)
5. i’d like to thank everyone who’s come to see us (and who is coming). this past bit of time has been great for us, and it’s really brought the point home of how good the audiences we play to are. we’ve had amazing shows, and we’re not daft enough to think it’s all us. people have been very generous to thrown down with us, and let go, and get weird, and it’s made us play better, and get slightly drunker afterwards (well, some of us… well, me.) so thank you very much. we’re pretty into the idea that everyone will be able to hear the new record soon. some of you may hate it, but i’m very proud of it. it’s the best i’ve felt about an LCD LP ever. which could totally spell disaster. anyway, we look forward to playing again soon after this short break in which i just fixed a laundry machine and a water filter, and organized a kitchen. (get me out of here)

American Dream is out 9/1 via Columbia Records/DFA.