Action Bronson To Host Snapchat Dating Show, Late-Night Show For Vice

Action Bronson is still plenty active as a rapper; his new Blue Chips 7000 comes out later this week. But soon, he’ll be even more active trying to become the new Roger Lodge. Bronson already hosts the food show Fuck, That’s Delicious for Viceland, and now he’s doing something truly ridiculous for Vice: A dating show called Hungry Hearts With Action Bronson that’ll air exclusively on Snapchat.

Here’s how a press release describes it: “Each episode features young singles sent on curated dates with Bronson orchestrating the activities from behind the scenes and giving a play-by-play as only he can. At the end of each episode, Action will predict whether or not the two will go on a second date before it’s ultimately revealed.” I mean, I’d watch it.

Bronson will also host a late-night show for Viceland, which already has the funny-as-hell Desus & Mero. The show is set to launch during the fourth quarter of this year, and it doesn’t have a title yet.