Metz – “Mess Of Wires”

Metz – “Mess Of Wires”

Canadian rock heavy hitters Metz have shared an absolute blitzkrieg from their upcoming Strange Peace. The abrasive and electrifying album opener “Mess Of Wires” is one of those songs that mark Metz as modern-day Sub Pop’s most direct linkage to the label’s early days. In a press release, frontman Alex Edkins calls it “a reminder to myself to speak out and say what I believe. To be honest with myself.” He continues:

It is common to feel that your thoughts are inconsequential, a drop in the echo-chamber, but silence can be worse. Speak out about what you believe in, loud and often. In the spirit of this song, I want to strongly condemn the violent and hateful actions of the white-supremacists and neo-nazis in Charlottesville, VA. this past week. Their vile attempts to incite division and fear through intimidation and violence have no place in this world.

If you’ve been angry about the state of the world lately, this one’s for you. Listen below.

Strange Peace is out 9/22 on Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

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