Brockhampton – “Follow” Video

On Friday, the crazy-exciting young rap collective (or, if you prefer, “boy band”) Brockhampton will release their new album Saturation II, their second full-length of 2017. They’ve already released videos for four of its songs: “Gummy,” “Swamp,” “Junky,” and “Sweet.” And last night, just an hour or two after they shared their “Sweet” video, they dropped another one, this one for a new song called “Follow.” The song won’t appear on Saturation II; instead, it’s the first single from the not-announced-until-now Saturation III. That’s how fast these kids work; they’re already putting out singles for the follow-up to an album that’s not even out yet.

Like so many other Brockhampton tracks, “Follow,” is a crispy, restless, catchy-as-hell posse cut, and it has a truly great opening bar from crew leader Kevin Abstract: “19, I got my first boyfriend / 19, I almost signed to Def Jam.” Abstract directed the video, just as he does with every Brockhampton video. In this one, the members of the crew rap into a dirty camera; it’s all one continuous camera shot. Abstract wears some very short shorts, and he twerks and body-rolls at one point. Check it out below.

Saturation II is out 8/25. We don’t yet know when Saturation III is out, but it probably won’t be long.