Baby! – “Bite My Tongue” Video

Baby! – “Bite My Tongue” Video

A few months ago, we highlighted “Weather Girl,” a track from Sunny F.L., the debut album from Baby!, the project of Boston-via-Orlando songwriter Kaley Honeycutt. That album is out today, and it’s filled with songs that sound radiant on the surface but feel like they’re just trying to retain as much positivity as possible in the face of everything that can get you down in life. “Bite My Tongue” is one of those songs, and to commemorate the album’s release, it’s getting a self-directed video that echoes the homespun nature of the music itself. The song’s about having to put up with someone who is close-minded and standoffish, but it’s presented with charmingly warm melodies. Watch the video and stream the new album below.

Sunny, F.L. is out now via Yellow K Records.

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