Watch Will Smith And DJ Jazzy Jeff Debut Terrible New Song “Get Lit”

Back before Will Smith became the world’s biggest movie star — back before he became a sitcom star, even — he and DJ Jazzy Jeff were releasing some of the most welcoming and engaging rap music that the world had ever known. For a whole generation of sheltered white kids like me, albums like He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper were the first rap records we ever bought. A couple of years ago, the two were making noises about a reunion tour and an album. Those didn’t happen, but they did perform together last night at the UK’s Blackpool Livewire Festival, and they debuted a new song. It was called “Get Lit,” and it was really, really bad. It’s a piece of pounding, witless dancehall-influenced EDM that makes Major Lazer sound subtle. Check out a fan-made video below, via ET Canada.

I just don’t understand what these parents thought they were doing.