Stagehand Sues Katy Perry Over Lost Toe

Katy Perry just can’t catch a break. Her candidate lost, her album flopped, she was widely panned as the host of this year’s VMAs, and now she’s being blamed for a lady losing her toe. TMZ reports that a woman named Christina Fish, hired as a stagehand on Perry’s Prismatic tour in 2014, is suing the singer, as well as Live Nation and some stage production companies. She’s holding them responsible for the amputation of her right toe.

According to Fish, at a tour stop in Raleigh, someone asked her to move a wall. The wall got stuck and rolled across her foot. Someone backstage offered her ice, but nobody called her an ambulance, and eventually a friend took her to a hospital. The toe became gangrenous, and it eventually had to be amputated. Fish claims that she couldn’t use her foot for months and that she’s emotionally distressed because doctors told her to keep her “dead toe” as long as possible. She can’t do yoga anymore! TMZ has photos, if you really want to see toe-amputation photos.

I’m racking my mind for Katy Perry toe-amputation puns, and the best I can do is “You’re hot but you’re cold / You lost your big toe.” Maybe you can do better in the comments section below.

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