Charly Bliss – “DQ” Video

One of the many fine power-pop tracks on Charly Bliss’ debut album Guppy — one of the absolute best albums anyone has released this year — is “DQ,” on which singer-guitarist Eva Hendricks laments about extended adolescence and her inevitable fate working at Dairy Queen someday. Today the song gets a video directed by Hendricks and Andrew Costa, who’s had a hand in three other videos by the band. In keeping with the lyrical themes, it casts Hendricks and her bandmates in various extremely high-school scenarios including track practice and a trip to the swimming pool. Watch below and be reminded how fucking dope this band is.

Charly Bliss have also announced details of Guppy, Issue One, a comic book and flexi disc limited to 500+ hand-numbered copies. According to a press release:

“The comic features interpretations of each of the songs on Guppy, with contributions from Michael Deforge, Tuesday Bassen, Sadie Dupuis and more. The orange flexi disc features 2 previously unreleased songs: “Golden Age” and “Special.”

Guppy, Issue One artist/song breakdown:

“Percolator’ by Anja Venter
“Westermarck” by Sadie Dupuis
“Glitter by Toby” Goodshank
“Black Hole” by Maya Ajani
“Scare U” by Thomas Bayne
“Ruby” by Tuesday Bassen
“DQ” by Michael Deforge
“Gatorade” by Rebecca Ross
“Totalizer” by Logan Fitzgerald
“Julia” by Suzy Exposito
“Golden Age” by Eva Hendricks

Guppy is out now on Barsuk. Pre-order Guppy, Issue One here.