Fits – “Ice Cream On A Nice Day”

Fits – “Ice Cream On A Nice Day”

Nicholas Cummins started Fits a couple years ago while playing bass for a bunch of other Brooklyn bands and, though they play guitar in their own project, all the songs on Fits’ debut full-length, All Belief Is Paradise, have a bassist’s sensibility to them. Cummins specializes in chunky and chugging songs that hit quick and leave you wanting more, like “Crush” from last year, which was the group’s first full-band recording with an all-star lineup of Joe Galarraga (Big Ups), Emma Witmer (gobbinjr), and Brian Orante (Fern Mayo), and that same roster carries over to the band’s forthcoming LP.

“Ice Cream On A Nice Day” is the album’s lead single, a track that starts slow and builds to an impressive conclusion all in the span of about a minute. But just because it’s over quickly doesn’t mean it’s slight: The track was inspired by a memory Cummins has of their mother, who died a few years ago, and it takes on an empathetic point of view, translating the feeling of being out of place to something sharply specific but still universal: “Why are all these eyes on me? Did I begin a thought I can’t complete? I am so embarrassed,” they sing. Cummins provides some context:

This song is about a small but heartbreaking moment during a sunny day trip for ice cream. My mom had serious medical issues, one side effect of which was a mix of medications that could mess with her memory and make it hard to do simple things like place an order at an ice cream shop. This brief and tense moment of forgetting where we were stuck with me and became this song. It’s written from the perspective of someone who feels like a burden or stain on a nice day, someone who wants things to be normal but can’t avoid sticking out.

Listen below.

01 “Ice Cream On A Nice Day”
02 “Running Out”
03 “Admission Day”
04 “The Ground”
05 “Fulfilling”
06 “Drop Thistle”
07 “Hot Topic”
08 “Superdead”
09 “Mango”
10 “How Did U”
11 “All The Time”
12 “The Levers”

All Belief Is Paradise is out 11/17 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Nick Karp

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