Maxïmo Park’s Declaration of Dependence

From an Independent article, “The American Dream” (“Can new British bands make it in the US, like Coldplay? Ed Caesar joins Editors and Maxïmo Park in Nashville to find out.”)

Second best quote, from Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith:

“We’re certainly a band who thinks about our music. But we see ourselves as a pop group. ‘Indie’ doesn’t enter my vocabulary when I’m describing us. Because although we’re on an independent label, ‘ïndïe’ has come to mean a lifestyle choice and a haircut more than anything. It has a mentality that says ‘we’re going to do what we want, and sod everyone else’ – and I don’t like that. We genuinely want to make music that’s going to appeal to all sorts of people across the world.”

Maxïmo Park – “Fear Of Falling” (MP3)

Anyway, here’s the best quote from that article:

In the days before the gig, several impromptu straw polls on the club-going populace of Nashville reveals little interest in the British nouvelle vague. “Who?”, says one bartender in the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar. “Editors”, I reply. “They’re a bit like Joy Division.” “What kind of a name is Joy Division?” She has a point, but we’re straying off course. Has she heard of any British bands? “Sure”, she says, “Coldplay, REM.”

(story link via Largehearted Boy)