Watch The Tallest Man On Earth Cover Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”

Right now, Swedish folksinger Kristian Matsson, who records as the Tallest Man On Earth, is in the midst of an ongoing, self-directed video series that he’s calling “The Light In Demos.” In the first two installments, he played quiet, haunted versions of new songs called “In Little Fires” and “Same Ghost.” But as Brooklyn Vegan points out, Matsson has devoted the third episode, which he shared today, to covering what he calls “the greatest song in the world.” That song is “Both Sides Now,” Joni Mitchell’s oft-covered 1969 classic. (It was a hit for Judy Collins two years before Mitchell even released her version.) Matsson’s version is soft and lush and full of fingerpicked guitars and buried-in-the-mix horns. Below, watch him do “Both Sides Now” and, while you’re at it, watch him play his own new songs in those previous videos.

The Tallest Man On Earth recently recorded a new collaborative EP with yMusic; that’s out now.