James Murphy Wanted Leonard Cohen On New LCD Soundsystem Album

LCD Soundsystem released their comeback album American Dream on Friday and James Murphy revealed some of its backstory in a new interview for Crack Magazine. Murphy spoke about the passing of influential celebrities like David Bowie, who was a friend of his, and Prince. Then, he touched on the fact that he intended to ask Leonard Cohen to deliver a spoken word piece on American Dream’s closing track “Black Screen.”

When I worked on the last song of the record [“Black Screen,” a 12 minute-long Lynchian ode to impermanence that could be written about Bowie] I said I wanted a spoken word bit done at the end. I said it would be amazing to have Lou Reed on the end of that song but he’d died. But then I said “I feel like I could talk to Leonard Cohen, let’s call Leonard Cohen and maybe he’ll do it” and then he died like three days later and I’m like… “fuck off.” I’m not going to ask anybody else because they’re just going to die.

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