Arcade Fire Produced Those Fidget Spinners After All And Profits Will Benefit Haiti

As part of Arcade Fire’s exhausting, very trolly Everything Now rollout, they announced that they were selling $109 Everything Now-branded fidget spinners. Of course, the fidget spinners “sold out” immediately and were never actually available. But it seems that Arcade Fire did end up making them after all, as the trendy toys were sold for real at the band’s Infinite Content tour opener in Quebec City tonight. The real ones aren’t USB drives, but the profits are going to benefit Haiti:

All profits to Haiti!!!!!! #fidgetlife

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Also, there are socks:

Arcade Fire are calling this tour their “most ambitious production” yet, and the setup includes a 360º in-the-round-style stage. Check out some pictures below.

Arcade Fire #arcadefire

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Toujours un de mes meilleurs bands en shows!!! #arcadefire #infincontent2017 #centreviseotron #everythingnow

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