Jimmy Fallon Is Going To Make U2 Sing About Pizza, Isn’t He

Jimmy Fallon Is Going To Make U2 Sing About Pizza, Isn’t He

Look: We’re all hoping this doesn’t happen. We’d all love to see the forces of good taste win out. None of us wants to tune into NBC tonight, even accidentally, and cringe hard enough to induce facial scarring. But it could happen. U2 and Jimmy Fallon could sing about pizza on The Tonight Show tonight.

Yesterday, U2 shared the new single “You’re The Best Thing About Me.” Tonight, they’ll perform it on The Tonight Show. And last night, as TMZ reports, the members of U2, with a camera crew in tow, went to pick up pies at Famous Ray’s Pizza on 54th and 7th. Here’s video:

Bono doesn’t actually know what kind of pizza he got, does he? Anyway, we don’t know that this whole thing was a Tonight Show stunt. Maybe the members of U2 were just sitting around. Maybe they just decided that they want pizza. Maybe, if you’re in U2, camera crews and police escorts just follow you around. And U2 do have a history with pizza; once, in 1992, Bono ordered 10,000 pizzas for a Detroit audience:

But we need to prepare ourselves for the likelier possibility: That U2 are going to be on The Tonight Show singing a jokey pizza song. So: “With Or Without Anchovies”? “Pineapple (In The Name Of Love)”? “Stuck In A Meat Lover’s You Can’t Get Out Of”? Leave your best guess in the comments section.

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