Stream Ghostemane Hexada

Here’s a weird one to wrap your head around: Ghostemane is a rapper from South Florida, currently based in Los Angeles, whose music sounds like evolutionary witch-house, or like what might’ve happened if early Three 6 Mafia had been way more serious when they dabbled with Satanic imagery (and if they were also super-white). I’d never heard of Ghostemane before released the Clams Casino collab “Kali Yuga” a few months ago, but he’s been around for a little while, and many of his dark, flickering videos have more than a million views. (He also used to be in a group with fellow conundrum Lil Peep, if that helps figure out what’s going on here.) Ghostemane’s self-produced new album Hexada is a fascinating pileup of SoundCloud rap, hardcore, industrial, and black metal, and you can stream it below, via the Masked Gorilla.

Hexada seems to be a SoundCloud exclusive right now.

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