Tomas Barfod – “Things That Matter” (Feat. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo)

Tomas Barfod – “Things That Matter” (Feat. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo)

Whether as part of experimental trio WhoMadeWho or under his own name, Danish producer Tomas Barfod has been making danceable, finely sculpted electronic pop music for years now. His latest EP, this summer’s Better Than I Would, leaned towards the clubbier side of his sound, but his upcoming LP Paloma, the full-length follow-up to his 2014 stunner Love Me, sees him expanding his palette by bringing in guest singers like Adine Fliid and frequent muse Nina Kinert. Lead single “Things That Matter,” for example, is a gorgeous, floating synthscape propelled further into the stratosphere by Louise and Sharin Foo’s airy vocals. Here’s what Barfod has to say about the song:

One thing I like about making music is collaborating with creative or interesting people, when it’s good it’s almost like falling in love for a second — the energy you get from interacting with another person. Anyway I had previously working with Louise Foo when I produced her old band Gianna Factory, and that was exactly that kind of collab. So I was thrilled when when this collaboration was born, and even with Louise’s bigger sister Sharin Foo added, who I have always adored.

And here are his thoughts on the LP as a whole:

Working on Paloma was a very diverse process. I worked both in my studio and on the road, mainly in LA but even in Bali and Mexico while touring. I also went through several stages in my mind in the process, from being very inspired by the ’90s to being very inspired by psychedelia. I don’t know if there is any traces of all this for the listener, but personally this I where I have been. And like always (when I create music) I set my goal for one thing but end in completely other corner.

Listen to “Things That Matter” and check out Paloma’s tracklist below.

Paloma tracklist:

01 “Grandiose”*
02 “Things That Matter” (Feat. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo)
03 “Hope In A Box”
04 “Family” (Feat. Jonas Smith)
05 “Pantheon”
06 “Better Than I Would”
07 “In The Dark” (Feat. Nina K)
08 “Cannonball” (Feat. Jonas H. Petersen)
09 “Rhodes*
10 “Transpose” (Feat. Adine Kjædegaard Fliid)*
11 “Tidal Wave” (Feat. Nina K)

*digital only

Paloma is out 11/3 via Friends Of Friends.

Tomas Barfod

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