Holiday Ghosts – “Can’t Bear To Be Boring”

Sam Stacpoole first gained recognition as singer and guitarist for Falmouth, UK rock band the Black Tambourines — not to be confused with Maryland twee heroes Black Tambourine — but in 2012 Stacpoole started a solo act called Holiday Ghosts. That project has since evolved into a full-fledged band orbiting the musical and romantic partnership of Stacpoole and drummer Katja Rackin. “Can’t Bear To Be Boring,” from their self-titled debut album out next week, succeeds at its stated goal of holding my attention. The scrappy track finds them developing the retro garage-pop tendencies of Stacpoole’s other band, skillfully tapping into a lineage that includes the Modern Lovers and the Velvet Underground. Rackin contributes lead vocals in a casual sing-speak tone resembling Courtney Barnett against a barebones rock ‘n’ roll riptide, leaving room for a nice little guitar solo along the way. It’s catchy as hell, so listen below, where you can also find previous single “In My Head.”

Holiday Ghosts is out 9/22 on PNKSLM. Pre-order it here.