Oasis Have An Opinion On Radiohead’s Politics

I know this will shock your lightning, but said Opinion is rather negative. Since blasting Radiohead is currently en vogue, and three makes a trend, here’s this bit via Details:

They’re [Radiohead] middle-class boys worrying about pushing an envelope somewhere, and all that carbon footprint and all that bollocks. Every time there’s a polar bear on his tiptoes on an ice cube in the middle of the Antarctic, you know whose fault that is? Rock stars’. That’s their fault. Any time there’s food running out somewhere– ‘Let’s do a gig. That’ll sort it out. Let’s do a big fucking gig. Let’s fly everybody in from all over the world and pontificate to poor people about how they should be saving the planet.’ Go fucking kiss my ass. It’s very easy to just say, ‘We’re going to become difficult now and challenge our audience.’ I like my audience. They paid for my swimming pool. I’m not fucking challenging anybody.

Certainly not the first time he’s gone after Radiohead, but I think ultimately Noel’s still sore about that “Wonderwall” piss take from years back. In more surprising Oasis Have An Opinion news, Mr. Gallagher likes something: Ryan Adams. (It’s mutual.)