Stream Five New EPs From $uicideboy$

Right now, one of the buzziest groups in rap is a duo of scraggly, face-tatted white skate punks from New Orleans. $uicideboy$ make swirling, jittery lo-fi music that explicitly calls back to early Three 6 Mafia, building on that group’s dark themes and quick-tongue cadences. They’ve cobbled together a musical and visual sensibility that call back to witch house and underground metal, and their fanbase is fucking huge. $uicideboy$ are one of the standout groups in the whole SoundCloud rap scene, and they generally prefer not to make albums. Instead, their Kill Yourself series is devoted to EPs — all three songs long, usually released in chunks. Today, they dropped volumes 16-20 in the series, offering 15 new songs, three at a time. Listen to all five EPs below, via the Masked Gorilla.

You can buy the Kill Yourself EPs at Bandcamp.