Harrison Ford Is A Fan Of Action Bronson’s Fuck, That’s Delicious

For several years now, rapper and chef Action Bronson has been hosting a Vice television series called Fuck, That’s Delicious. As it turns out, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford is a fan of the show. He said so during an interview for his new GQ cover story. The subject came up because Ford was eating a particularly delicious frittata. Here is the passage in question:

When Harrison Ford wants to change the subject — at one point he actually says, more in hope than in expectation, “But enough about me” — his pivots can often be abrupt and fascinatingly random. Like this one:

“Do you ever watch Vice? Vice television?” he asks me.

Not so often. You do?

“Well, they’ve got a show called Fuck, That’s Delicious.”

How do you even know about that?

“Well, I met one of the correspondents at my son Malcolm’s apartment.” (Malcolm is his third son.) “He was sleeping on the couch. Very, very smart guy. And so I started watching it, and it’s really, really interesting. Some of it. Just, you know, a distracting and interesting glimpse into somebody else’s world.”

Belatedly, Ford explains the reason for this discursion. It was the frittata in front of him. “I was just thinking, ‘Fuck, that’s delicious,'” he clarifies. He’s not done. There are very few subjects about which Harrison Ford easily volunteers information, but it turns out frittatas are one of them.

“I have a fascination with” — he sounds out the word — “fri…ta…ta…” (This particular frittata, incidentally, is a garden frittata — eggs with roasted vegetables, sage olive oil, and a medley of cheeses — which Ford further seasons with Tabasco and pepper.) “I made one in a movie once,” Ford continues.

Now that that’s out of the way, since Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the pegs for GQ’s Ford feature, it bears mentioning: Han Solo is totally not dead, right?