Curls – “Emotion”

Way back in 2005, Christopher Owens moved to San Francisco and formed a band called Curls. That band eventually broke up, and Owens used the songs he’d written with Girls, the late and lamented new band that he formed. After working as a solo artist for a few years, Owens has once again formed a band. And that new band is, once again, called Curls.

Today, Curls have announced that they’ll release their debut EP Vante later this fall. Owens sings and plays guitar, Mellotron, and piano, while Cody Rhodes (not the wrestler) plays drums and percussion and Luke Baće plays bass. First single “Emotion” is a big, plaintive garage-rocker, and it just rules. Listen to it below, via Pitchfork.

The Vante EP is out 11/7 on Urban Scandal.