Watch Gucci Mane Talk About Spring Breakers & His Kiss-Cam Proposal On The Daily Show

Back when Gucci Mane was at his circa-’09 artistic peak, he couldn’t even get booked as a performer on a late-night show. But with his post-prison career revival in full swing and his autobiography coming out next week, Gucci is now getting the sit-down interview treatment. Last night, Gucci was a guest on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, talking about how he would’ve been a drug kingpin if he hadn’t been a rapper and admitting that he fell asleep while filming a Spring Breakers sex scene because he was “high as hell.” Gucci is a charming weirdo, and you can watch the interview below.

The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane is out 9/19. I don’t believe there’s a single person on earth who only knows about Gucci because of Spring Breakers.