New Morrissey T-Shirt Calls Out Police Brutality

Morrissey is back this month with a website, a Twitter, and the first single from a new album. Along with the rollout comes new merch, which includes the T-shirt pictured above. Priced at £25, it features a blurred-out image of a police officer beating a civilian alongside Morrissey’s name and the message, “Who will protect us from the police?”

The anti-brutality message is a major improvement on past Moz shirt designs, like the one about how he feels black on the inside, or the one featuring artwork stolen from a fan, or the one that’s just a picture of Morrissey wearing a Supreme T-shirt. Actually, that last one’s kind of cool. And who could forget the “FUCK HARVEST” shirts he decked his band out in to protest treatment from his former record label? Frankly, at this stage of his career Morrissey’s current T-shirt designs are a more interesting subject than his current music. I mean, this one dubbed “SUPERMOZ” will go down in 100% cotton history:

There’s much more in the Mporium, “the official store of the real and proper poet laureate.”

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