Beach Slang / Quiet Slang – “Thirteen” (Big Star Cover)

After releasing a couple of albums of beery, bleary, classic-rock-addled punk, Beach Slang frontman James Alex is getting ready to release We Were Babies And We Were Dirtbags, a new EP of softer Beach Slang reworkings under the name Quiet Slang. We’ve already posted his Quiet Slang version of “Hot Tramps,” and now he’s shared a new version of a song that isn’t his own. As Quiet Slang, Alex has put together a version of Big Star’s deathlessly gorgeous 1972 song “Thirteen” that’s full of pianos and strings. It’s a schaltzy version of the song, but it’s a satisfying kind of schmaltz. Listen below.

We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags is out 10/20 on Polyvinyl.