New Zach Hill Video – “Stoic Logic” (Featuring No Age)

New Zach Hill Video – “Stoic Logic” (Featuring No Age)

Zach Hills brings a lot to Marnie Stern’s This Is It…. On his own recent solo album The Astrological Straits, he in turn benefits from the help of his friends, including Stern (and Les Claypool, the Deftones’ Chino Moreno, No Age, the Flying Luttenbacher’s Jonathon Hicshke, an Rx Bandit, a Hella mate, etc). Much like the kinetic, kaleidoscopic Play-Doh/cactus-filled “Hindsight Is Nowhere” clip, this over-the-top “Stoic Logic” color explosion hits like a visual sugar rush. There are a couple major differences between this and the last one, though.


Mainly Dean Spunt’s vocals and Randy Randall’s guitar.

Astrological Straits is out via Ipecac.

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