Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we had a CMS issue that caused all of your comments to get caught in the spam filter. That is fixed now. So no, you’re not banned (yet). The missing avatar problem will be fixed next week. Technical problems, however, should not have stopped you from reading this week’s interviews with Protomartyr, Jack Antonoff, Michael Cera, Ibeyi, and The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. Read them or else. Your best and worst comments await…



Tomás Gauna
Score:23 | Sep 25th

I do not like this guy. At all.

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Bratislav Dzunic
Score:24 | Sep 26th

I’m thinking about retirement, at least until the next Wolf Alice album.

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#7  kvlt of blake
Score:24 | Sep 24th

All mash and no bangers from the potato as you were LG

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#6  Chazpod
Score:24 | Sep 26th

So what are your Stereogum comment plans after this album comes out…?

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#5  bakedbeans
Score:24 | Sep 22nd

First three I coulda sworn cokeparty was about to sweep.

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#4  dansolo
Score:28 | Sep 22nd

20 years later and this album still sounds like the future. I think the sad truth about electronic music is that a lot of it ages poorly. Like with CG visuals, CG sounds can go from cutting-edge to laughably dated in a matter of years. The way Bjork’s vocal performances – IMO at their peak here and on Vespertine – interact with the string arrangements and the electronic elements just sounds timeless. It helps that the songs sound timeless too. “Unravel” is the song that convinced me I needed to take the plunge into her discography; Thom Yorke said he wept the first time he heard it and I can’t imagine any other appropriate reaction. Everything comes together here. It’s my favorite album of all time.

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#3  best fwends
Score:28 | Sep 26th

It’s like Rick Moranis cosplaying as Bruce Springsteen.

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#2  mrmagpie91
Score:32 | Sep 22nd

Homogenic still sounds like it could have come out today. Masterpiece.

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#1  cokeparty
Score:38 | Sep 26th

I’ll never forget getting “How to Clean Everything” and reading a track titled, “Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass, You Sonofabitch.” My dad picked it up and, being that he served in Vietnam, I was convinced I’d get a talking to. But he just did this “hmm” thing with his face and put it back on my desk. The next night he came home from his job in Manhattan and left a copy of London Calling on my school books. My Dad is an amazing person.

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#5  123ForMe
Score:-7 | Sep 25th

how does posting lyrics clarify that she is rapping?

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#4  YouBeautifulBastard
Score:-11 | Sep 24th

It wasn’t very good.

I saw them on the tour before it came out (Election Night 2006, memorable night) and I kinda wondered why exactly Marr was on stage. Dude wasn’t doing anything interesting.

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Bratislav Dzunic
Score:-11 | Sep 22nd

0. Wolf Alice – “Heavenward”

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#2  Duke Nukem
Score:-11 | Sep 26th

Can’t believe people still listen to this fraud-ass band.

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#1  wg
Score:-15 | Sep 26th

Early 00’s NYC bands that shamelessly milked and mimicked sounds from the 70’s/80’s (Strokes, Interpol, YYY’s etc.) celebrating themselves now rings hollow and unearned to me.

These bands put out a couple mildly successful albums at the tail end of the CD boom, then crashed and disappeared. Granted YYY’s were probably the best of the NYC bunch (three solid albums in succession – and Karen O was a great front woman and should’ve been a massive pop-star by now), but I don’t think any of them really earned the status of being great bands – rather novelties at the tail end of the rock & roll era, whose main appeal was nostalgia and pastiche.

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  black sheep boy
Score:20 | Sep 27th

First Killer Mike, now Win Butler…. These rappers love the Bern.

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