Nots – “Anxious Trend”

Experimental synths, layered guitars, and lo-fi vocals are at the core of Nots’ musical practice, the three tenets increasing in valor with each release. Memphis-based post-punk four-piece’s first full-length LP, We Are Nots, debuted their penchant for synth and power punk sensibilities. Cosmetic, their second album, muddled Natalie Hoffmann’s clamoring vocals and moved toward a scratchier texture. The two songs on their recent summer 7”, “Cruel Friend” and “Violence,” offered attention to their synth and garage rock affections respectively.

On the A-side from their upcoming 7″, Nots’ foundational elements coexist and prosper. “Anxious Trend” is an aptly named manifestation of organized chaos. Falling guitars play around a commanding synth tone, gradually stacking sonic layers and guitar riffs. Hoffmann’s relentless vocals echo and add texture to the buzzy synth and disjunct guitars. There’s a pronounced anxiety in the song’s distressing tenor and alternating riffs, while the underlying melody offers a regulating rhythmic trend. The song settles into direction without ever losing its feeling of disorder. Hoffmann expands on the forthcoming album:

The unrelenting Age of Anxiety that surrounds us all on both a personal and political level influenced the newest Nots 7” “Anxious Trend / In Glass.” It’s a rhythmic mess punctuated by lyrics dealing with turmoil and shock as the new normal. Both songs were recorded with Andrew Mccalla straight to tape in a top secret Memphis haunt late July 2017.

Listen to “Anxious Trend” below.

Nots are launching their first Australian tour next month:

11/16 Geelong VIC @ Barwon Club
11/17 Sydney NSW @ Marrickville Bowls Club
11/18 Melbourne VIC @ The Tote Hotel
11/19 Ballarat VIC @ The Eastern

“Anxious Trend / In Glass” is out 11/10 via Famous Class Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Chad Kamenshine
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