Maroon 5 Appear To Go After MRAs With New Album Title (UPDATE: Guess Not!)

Although I’d argue their catalog boasts a handful of jams and that Adam Levine has various winsome collaborations under his belt, Maroon 5 have long been deserving objects of scorn among music fans of discerning taste. Soon they’ll also probably be receiving harassment from men’s rights activists. The band announced today that its new album will be called Red Pill Blues. The title is an apparent reference to the “red pill” movement, a dating theory that suggests what women really want from a man is not respect and equality but old-fashioned ’50s-style subjection. Taking on the self-described “meninists” would be a surprising move from a band that has mostly offered surface-level pop hits, but in this day and age it seems everyone is realizing the need to stand for something. Behold the edgelord-baiting Twitter teaser below.

What will Anthony Fantano think?!

UPDATE: A rep for Maroon 5 says the band is not intending to reference the current “red pill” movement, saying “‘taking the red pill’… is a common phrase used to describe ‘seeing things as the really are’ …such as like in The Matrix where Neo takes the red pill.”