Hear Made To Break’s 19-Minute Free Jazz Salute To Shellac

Chicago musicians intersect in all sorts of fascinating ways, and sometimes that means you’ll get a free-jazz virtuoso spending 20 minutes to pay tribute to a noise-rock band. Case in point: Ken Vandermark, the veteran Chicago jazz musician, leads an ensemble called Made To Break, and they’ve got a new album called Trebuchet coming out next month. The first of the album’s three tracks is a 19-minute marathon called “Hydroplane (For Shellac).” And the song isn’t just named for the power trio that Steve Albini has led since 1992. It’s also got some of that band’s punishing stop-start dynamics. It’s some heavy shit, and you can hear it below.

Trebuchet is out 11/10 on Trost Records. The other two tracks, respectively, are dedicated to the great writer Susan Sontag and to the artist Kerry James Marshall.