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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Our own Chris DeVille spent the better part of a week watching every episode of MTV’s rebooted TRL, and everything about it sounds extremely fucking bad. But the worst thing about it might be this: They don’t play videos! The entire point of TRL classic was the video countdown. And while music videos might not have the exalted cultural position that they once did, they’re still better than whatever bullshit MTV comes up with to fill time. This week’s best videos are below.

5. Spoon – “I Ain’t The One” (Dir. Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard)

In simple performance videos, lighting is everything. And who knew that the sexiest lighting in the world was in the space underneath an escalator?

4. U.S. Girls – “Mad As Hell” (Dir. Emily Pelstring & Meg Remy)

This is satirical rabble-rousing, done with a sense of fun. But that sense of fun doesn’t obscure the extreme and righteous and justified anger behind it.

3. Tove Lo – “Disco Tits” (Dir. Tim Erem)

“Horny Muppets” are practically their own music-video subgenre, but has a Muppet ever been this convincingly horny in a music video?

2. St. Vincent – “Los Ageless” (Dir. Willo Perron)

Hey, it’s the plastic-surgery jokes from Brazil, except colorful! This turns out to be an extremely good concept for a music video.

1. HAIM – “Little Of Your Love” (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)

Twenty solid years after Boogie Nights, it’s good to know that Paul Thomas Anderson is still capable of directing something fun.