Of Course Deadmau5 Is Involved In This McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Nonsense

It is with great sadness that I share this news with you: Deadmau5 is involved in the Great McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Debacle Of 2017.

The EDM producer is a Rick And Morty fan, and over the summer he spent $15,000 on a 3.5 gallon bottle of the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce on eBay. According to EDM Sauce, Deadmau5 planned to consume the Szechuan sauce after his honeymoon, but when McDonald’s let Rick And Morty fans down over the weekend when they brought back the sauce in extremely limited quantities, he decided to share the wealth.

During his show last night in Toronto, the producer told the audience that they were getting a “nugget party” and passed out some Szechuan sauce.

This is an exceedingly kind gesture, seeing as how certain Rick And Morty fans who couldn’t get their hands on the sauce caused a ruckus in McDonald’s restaurants across the country. Here’s how people reacted when McDonald’s didn’t hand over that dipping sauce:

McDonald’s later apologized and promised that the coveted sauce will return this winter.

This story has shaved at least 3.5 years off of my life — one for every gallon of sauce Deadmau5 acquired.