Watch Japandroids Rip Through “No Known Drink Or Drug” On Seth Meyers

Canadian destroyers Japandroids have been tearing up the road lately, doing what they do best, but they’re still promoting Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, the long-awaited third album that they released back at the beginning of the year. Last night, in between live shows, they did musical-guest duties on Seth Meyers’ Late Show, where they charged their way through the single “No Known Drink Or Drug.” Brian King wore painted-on jeans and made some impressive guitar noises, while David Prowse wore a Downtown Boys shirt and did the sha-la-la backing vocals. It’s always a bit weird to see a band like this without a fired-up crowd howling along, but they sold it anyway. Watch the performance below.

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life is out now on Anti-.