Watch Bon Iver Perform “8 (Circle)” For An Audience Of One

La Blogothèque, the French website behind the Take Away Shows video series, has hit on another fun idea for a video series. During last year’s Michelberger Music Festival, they would “kidnap” one person from the audience, who would then sit in an unfinished room with an artist and hear a performance of a single song. If you ignore the fact that there are camera operators in the room, that means there’s an artist performing for one single person, the two sitting in chairs and facing one another. In this case, it’s Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon playing a gorgeous and heartfelt acoustic version of “8 (circle),” the single from last year’s 22, A Million, for a young woman who seemed to really enjoy it. Watch it below.

22, A Million is out now on Jagjaguwar. Also, please nobody ever kidnap me for anything like this. This looks like the most awkward shit I could ever imagine.

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