Jonti – “Staring Window” Video

Jonti – “Staring Window” Video

Ahead of his first solo album in five years, the latest from Sydney-based producer Jonti, “Staring Window,” comes to us as a colorful animation, created and directed by Aaron D. Guadamuz. With oceanic metaphors in the lyrics, one can envision the critters with pensive human faces as being a couple of leagues under the sea. But more than just a nautical analogy, the video for “Staring Window” supplements the theme of Jonti’s forthcoming LP, Tokorats, as a whole:

A Tokorat is that supernatural creature in the mirror. A multicolored weirdo mutant composed of all the elements of your story and all the complexities of your character. In every song, I was having a conversation with all the good and unflattering reflections of myself — AKA my Tokorats. While this album does document a five year spiritual journey, it was ultimately a fun and luscious experience. I’m lucky I got to know my Tokorats.

Soothing synthesized flute and tremolo-strummed ukulele might not be exactly what you’d expect from an electronic artist whose collaborations include Odd Future affiliates Hodgy and Steve Lacy plus Mark Ronson. But in exploring the complexities within himself and his genre, Jonti has added it to his signature style.

Some words on the video from Guadamuz:

Jonti and I both went through a lot both artistically and personally over the last few years. We both lost people in our lives and also lost some amazing animals. The themes in the song resonated deeply with me and the artwork and animation evolved along with the different versions and mixes that would come though. I wasn’t able to hold back the tears when I heard the final track.

And here’s Jonti’s previous “Sleeping And Falling” video:

Tokorats tracklist:

01 “Lotus Street”
02 “Alien”
03 “Sleeping And Falling”
04 “Island Rose” (Feat. Sampa The Great)
05 “Misto On The Moon”
06 “Tokorats”
07 “Isle Of The Dead”
08 “Zuki”
09 “Cities”
10 “Staring Window”
11 “Animah” (Feat. Hodgy & Midnight Mutants)
12 “Love Prayer”
13 “Maria Mapulane Thibiri”
14 “Papaya Brothers”
15 “Meese Man”

Tokorats is out 11/3 on Stones Throw. Pre-order it here.

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