Young Dolph Is Selling Bulletproof Vests

Nobody in rap turns his near-death experiences into marketing opportunities quite like Memphis cult star Young Dolph. Earlier this year, someone fired 100 shots at Dolph’s car in Charlotte. Dolph’s car was bulletproof, so he survived, and he immediately made an album called Bulletproof and a single called “100 Shots.” Then, last month, Dolph was shot multiple times in Hollywood. He filmed a music video in the hospital and announced a new album on the way out. And now he’s selling his own line of bulletproof vests.

With Dolph’s new Thinking Out Loud album set to arrive tomorrow, he’s also unveiling a new line of merch on his website, including hoodies, T-shirts, bandanas, and, yes, bulletproof vests. Dolph’s vest is a personalized version of Rothco’s MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest, and it’ll run you $85, which will include a download of Thinking Out Loud. As a disclaimer, Dolph’s publicist notes that the vest is solely the plate carrier vest and that MOLLE plates are sold separately, so don’t think it’ll actually make you as bulletproof as Dolph. If you’re so inspired, you can buy the vest here.

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