Cut Copy – “Standing In The Middle Of The Field” Video

It may have gotten a bit buried in the recent avalanche of really, really good music, but the great Australian dance-rockers Cut Copy came back last month with Haiku From Zero, an album that is very much worth your time. And here’s a nice reminder that it exists: Former Midnight Juggernauts member Vincenzi Vandella has made a cool and experimental video for the fleet-footed, percolating single “Standing In The Middle Of The Field.” In the clip, the camera pans ever upward and reveals different scenes, showing birds’-eye views of a couple at different stages of a relationship before moving onto gorgeous outdoor locales. Below, watch the video and read what Vandella and Cut Copy frontman Dan Whitford have to say about it.

Whitford says:

Vincent is an old friend of the band, having done some of our very first tours together with his own band, the Midnight Juggernauts, but in recent years he’s also been working as a filmmaker. He came to us earlier this year because he’d been experimenting with a strange visual effect having a camera rise upward through various difference scenes and landscapes, almost like delving through a collection of memories. He suggested this experiment might work well when put to our music. We agreed, so he set to work making this new clip for our song “Standing In The Middle Of The Field.”

Vandella says:

The initial concept was to create a video that was uplifting, in a literal sense. We wanted the camera to rise up through various different scenes, telling the story of a couple in one long continuous shot. It would cover the minutia of their everyday intimacy, while also expanding to wider epic vistas, within the one journey. We shot the interior scenes by literally tying a camera to a rope and hoisting it from the ground upwards. Then we filmed a wide assortment of exteriors with a drone, from national parks to inner city lane ways, compositing everything together in post.

Haiku From Zero is out now on Astralwerks.