Stream Nacho Picasso AntiHero Vol. 2

Try to imagine the exact opposite of Macklemore. That image that you’ve got in your mind is Nacho Picasso. Nacho, Macklemore’s fellow Seattle rapper, has been making grim, eerie, socially irresponsible music for years; his 2011 full-length For The Glory was one of the first feted in our old Mixtape Of The Week column. Last year, Nacho teamed up with producer Harry Fraud to release his AntiHero Vol. 1 album. Today, he releases AntiHero Vol. 2, which also features a ton of Harry Fraud production, as well as guest appearances from people like Mistah FAB, Smoke DZA, and ManMan Savage. But the emphasis is firmly on Nacho, whose raspy, sinister, insinuating flow is a thing of beauty. Stream the album below.

AntiHero Vol. 2 is out now, and you can get it from Bandcamp.