Watch Fiona Apple & Instagram Star Lili Hayes Cover Sonny & Cher

Another Fiona Apple sighting! Apple, who comes and goes from public life whenever the spirit moves her, has been relatively busy lately, doing things like headlining Eddie Vedder’s Ohana Festival and joining St. Vincent onstage. Back in February, she joined Lili Hayes, the mother of director Kevin Hayes, to sing Frankie Valli and Stevie Wonder covers. The elderly, Israeli-accented Hayes has become an Instagram star in recent years by posting a series of extremely goofy videos. This October, she’s been wearing a new costume on Instagram everyday, dressing up like Homer Simpson or Yoda or Guy Fieri. And in her latest post, she’s back with Apple. The two of them dress like Sonny & Cher, singing “I Got You Babe” and trying not to bust up laughing. At one point, a dog jumps on them. Watch it all happen below.

There haven’t been any indications that Apple is working on new music lately, but god, imagine if she was.