J Mascis Is Selling Some Of His Many Guitars And Effects Pedals

Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis is a known gearhead, and now you have a chance to pick up some of the gear that he’s accumulated over the past several decades of being a guitar hero. Mascis has partnered with online music equipment marketplace Reverb.com to sell off some of his shit, and because he has so much shit to sell, he’s actually getting his own shop. The Oficcial J Mascis Of Dinosaur Jr. Reverb Shop will launch on 10/31 and feature over 100 guitars, amps, effects pedals, drum kits, and other items from his personal collection. “It’s hard for me to sell things, but when you’ve got guitars and other gear starting to pile up and there’s less room to record, you’ve got to try to clear out the gear you’re not playing as much anymore,” Mascis says. “Plus, if I can get this gear into a good home, I’ll have more room to buy some more stuff.” According to a press release, the items on sale include:

Several rare and vintage guitars, including a 1929 Martin Pre-War Parlor, a 1965 Burgundy Mist Fender Jaguar Refin, and a 1954 pre-Gibson Epiphone Acoustic flattop that Mascis was told once belonged to Richard Gere (though it’s unconfirmed.)

A 1999 Emerald Green Parker Fly Classic Deluxe that Mascis used in India because it was lightweight. “I knew I’d have to carry around a guitar for this festival and this one’s got an acoustic setting, an electronic setting, and it’s like four pounds.”

A 1968 Martin D-28S guitar used extensively for live solo shows and recordings.

A 1970s Purple Fender Twin Reverb amp that Mascis used on tour with Dinosaur Jr. “Of course I got it because it was purple and it was cheap,” he said.

A Moog MemoryMoog used on several records, including J Mascis + The Fog albums. “I was going through my synth period, I guess, but I don’t really play it much anymore,” Mascis said.

A Danelectro Baby Electric Sitar used on tour with Dinosaur Jr. Graham Clise can also be seen playing it in the band’s 2016 appearance on Conan.

A 1970s Blue Sparkle Gretsch Rack Tom Set played on Green Mind, Whatever’s Cool with Me, portions of Where You Been, and the Upsidedown Cross self-titled LP, which Mascis considers his favorite record he’s ever played on.

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