New Animal Collective – “Turn Into Something”

Animal Collective - FeelsIf you don’t already like Animal Collective, Feels isn’t going to change your mind. Don’t get me wrong: it’s amazing. But it lacks those stand-out WTF-tracks (“Leaf House”, “We Tigers”, etc) that I would play for anyone who loved music. It feels a lot tighter, though, and that’s a trade I’m willing to make. Obviously, if you liked their earlier stuff, you’re going to buy this one, but the rest of you get another chance to drink the Kool-Aid below.

(The Neo Rauch-esqe album cover is hot, too.)

Animal Collective – “Turn Into Something” (MP3 link removed)

Update: from a forthcoming EW story, unfortunately locked behind a login. AC says “Even our label was like, I think this one’s gonna be a little tough for people to swallow.”