Gingerlys – “Let Down”

“Let Down” is the latest track released from Brooklyn-based five-piece Gingerlys ahead of their upcoming full-length debut. In this jangly, upbeat track, Gingerlys take the nostalgia manifested in “See You Cry” and color it as a complicated, albeit fatalist, exchange between members Jackie Mendoza and Colin O’Neill. “I was waiting to be let down” alternates with every line in the verse, emphasizing the polarity natural to any falling-out. “Let Down” is undoubtedly a sad song, but it succeeds even when lyrics sung out of self-preservation, bargaining, and anger reflect a relationship that failed. Listen via NPR below.

Gingerlys’ self-titled LP is out 11/17 via Babe City and Topshelf and it’s up for pre-order here.

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