Britney’s Bra Off Sale

As you must know by now, the eBay auction for a jewel-encrusted bra worn onstage by Britney Spears was pulled for a second time.

Earlier during the auction, an eBay staffer had pulled the bra from the site after deciding that it violated company policy that bars listings for used underwear. But eBay executives later reversed the decision on grounds that the bra was really a piece of entertainment memorabilia, Durzy said.

Durzy later added, “The people have a right to sniff!” Not really.

Don’t worry, though, because you can buy this Britney Bra made out of dry pasta (it comes with a photo!) or, if you’re particularly strapped for cash, you can bid on this toast with the image of a Britney Bra on it.

In case those aren’t weird/stupid enough for you, you can get the domain name for a cool two million.

Speaking of Britney’s bras and her baby, is she breast-feeding? Not if she has implants… that debate is captured in animated form here.

Dumbest auction of all time/cultural nadir link (the domain name one) via Gawker.