Jon Stewart Drums On Defunct NJ Band’s New Charity Single

Jon Stewart’s never been a musician, even though he did once work at the legendary New Jersey punk club City Gardens. Last year, Stewart told TMZ that he’s taken up playing drums since retiring from The Daily Show. And now we get to hear how he’s doing on the instrument. No Wine For Kittens, a generally-defunct indie rock band from Asbury Park, have a new charity single called “Catastrophes,” and it’s got Stewart on the drums.

According to, Stewart’s drum teacher is Andy Bova, the band’s former drummer, so that’s how they made the connection. “Catastrophes” is out as part of the indie label Speak Into My Good Eye’s annual 24-Hour Songwriting Challenge, which raises money for the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. The song sounds like Snow Patrol or something; it’s pretty-enough melodic indie with some harmony singing. And the drumming is perfectly competent! There are fills and everything. Hear it below.

The 24-Hour Songwriting Challenge compilation is out 11/17 on Speak Into My Good Eye.

UPDATE: As Stereogum commenter mouthwash jukebox points out, Emily and Justin Bornemann of No Wine For Kittens both play in the band Dentist, who are very much still a thing and whose song “Meet You There (In Delaware),” which Andy Bova played drums on, we premiered last year. Thanks, mouthwash jukebox!