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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Marilyn Manson made a second video with Johnny Depp this week. Here’s a free idea for everyone: Don’t make videos with Johnny Depp! He’s an accused domestic abuser, he looks like he owns an entire closet full of top hats, and he hasn’t been in a good movie since — and I’m being very generous here — that cameo in 21 Jump Street in 2012. Leave that shit in “Into The Great Wide Open.” This week’s picks are below.

5. Major Lazer – “Jump” (Feat. Busy Signal) (Dir. Dan Streit & Lindsey Nico Mann)

We’re coming up on a decade of Major Lazer videos, and they’re still getting away with the whole “athletic Jamaican dancing + trippy visuals” formula. It shouldn’t still work, but it still works.

4. Dream Wife – “Let’s Make Out” (Dir. Aidan Zamiri)

I went to the wrong fucking prom.

3. Sorry – “Wished” (Dir. India Lee)

Hardcore Henry, but instead of an action-movie hero, you’re just some poor unfortunate soul who did some bad and barely-remembered thing the night before and now everyone hates you.

2. G-Eazy – “The Plan” (Dir. Daniel CZ)

This has its issues. The ass-shaking is mechanical and sexless enough to give “Addicted To Love” flashbacks, and then there’s the whole “G-Eazy rapping” problem. But the cinematography here is breathtaking, and it helps that G-Eazy looks like he was designed by a futuristic architect.

1. Björk – “Blissing Me” (Dir. Tim Walker & Emma Dalzell)

After Lars Von Trier was terrible to her, we’re probably never going to get Björk in another musical. What a loss.