Ezra Feinberg – “True Refuge”

Five years removed from his psych-pop project, Citay, Ezra Feinberg is announcing his debut solo album, Pentimento And Others, with an excellent lead single. “True Refuge” evolves past Citay’s attention to ambience and into a hypnotizing acoustic-driven soundscape. Feinberg’s buoyant plucking thickens and builds amidst twinkling pianos, spinning acoustic and electric riffs, vibrating chords, and blooming synths.

Feinberg expands on the composition:

In “True Refuge” two finger-picked acoustic guitars are playing the same pattern, but out of phase with each other. I wanted to create the sound of two flickers of light in motion. In moments the two guitars are in synch, and in other moments they’re out of synch, but the parts are always working together as the arrangement builds up, breaks down, and swells again into a crescendo.

Listen below:


01 “God Sized Hole”
02 “True Refuge”
03 “Sweater Weather”
04 “Kernal And Shell”
05 “Pentimento”
06 “Sensory Floor”
07 “Experience Near”

Pentimento And Others is out 2/2 via Related States. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Deborah Feingold