Cam’ron & Mase Started & Ended A Rap Feud Over Thanksgiving Weekend

If you were with you family and away from your computer over the Thanksgiving weekend, then you missed an entire rap-beef story arc. Harlem veterans Cam’ron and Mase have a long, long history together. More than 20 years ago, they played on the same high school basketball team, and they were both in a Big L-shepherded rap group called Children Of The Corn together. Mase did the hook on Cam’s breakout single, 1998’s “Horse & Carriage,” but he reportedly incensed Cam by demanding too much money to be in the video. Cam made the video without Mase, and the two have been throwing barbs back and forth at each other ever since.

Last week, things apparently boiled over. Earlier this month, Cam released the new mixtape The Program. It opened with a track called “It’s Killa,” which features a story about Cam saving Mase from a dangerous street situation. This apparently pissed Mase off, and on Friday, he came out with the dis track “The Oracle.” On that song, Mase goes in over Ennnio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy Of Gold,” from the score to The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, and alleges that Cam, among other things, fucked his own sister. Here’s the song:

Less than a day later, Cam responded with his own murky, lo-fi Mase dis called “Dinner Time.” Sample line: “I ain’t got no sister / Only sister I fucked was yours.” Here’s that song:

So those two went pretty hard at one another. But now it looks like they’ve squashed whatever they had going on. As XXL reports, Cam shared a screenshot of a Twitter DM conversation, in which the two apparently call each other brothers and make up tentatively, though Cam still seems to be laughing at Mase:

Y'all see this it's right ‍♂️ ya man I hope he wit the shits tho

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May we all settle our interpersonal problems this quickly and amicably.

UPDATE: The beef may not be over after all! Complex reports that Mase has responded to an Instagram post from Funkmaster Flex, writing, “We’re not cool. I shook his hand cause I won. That’s it. As a man that’s what you do after you win unanimously.” (Mase is right. He totally won.)

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