Watch Liam Gallagher Wear A Really Nice Raincoat & Sing “Come Back To Me” On The Tonight Show

The former Oasis singer and endlessly entertaining quote-machine Liam Gallagher recently released his solo debut As You Were, and he was the musical guest on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show. Sadly, Jimmy Fallon did not rope Gallagher into any of his usual goofy late-night games, which would’ve potentially been extremely uncomfortable and fun to watch. Instead, Gallagher sang his album track “Come Back To Me” and wore one of the coolest raincoats I have ever seen. Seriously: Gallagher’s parka game has always been on point, but this thing is out of control, and I am paralyzed with envy. I also really appreciated the faces he made behind Fallon when Fallon came out to yell at the camera as the show ended. Watch it below.

As You Were is out now on Warner Bros.