Watch Justin Timberlake Answer Deep Questions With Stephen Colbert

Do you think Jimmy Fallon gets upset when Justin Timberlake shows up on competing late-night shows? Timberlake is warming up for his whole music thing to start again. He’s doing next year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, and he’s apparently worked with Timbaland on a new album that’s already done. But Timberlake is also an actor; in the months ahead, he’s in Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel and in the TV movie Trolls Holiday. And so, in his capacity as someone who goes on TV shows to promote things, he was on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show last night. He was game enough to do a comedy bit where he and Colbert looked at stars and pondered deep questions, and he also did the standard interview, talking about messy kids and singing in church as a kid and sharing a trailer with his Wonder Wheel costar Kate Winslet. Watch it all below.

Turns out that Timberlake can be even more charming when he doesn’t have someone frantically giggling everytime he says something that’s even the slightest bit funny.