Bedouine – “Louise” & “Deep Space”

We recently named Bedouine one of this year’s best new bands and an Artist To Watch, and her thoughtful, plainspoken, gracefully ornate debut album cracked our mid-year best albums list. Today is a great day to find out why we’ve heaped so many honors on the band because project mastermind Azniv Korkejian has released a deluxe version of the album with two new tracks, “Louise” and “Deep Space.” Check ‘em out.

Some context on the new tracks from Korkejian:

“Louise” is a song about conviction. The impetus was pondering the difficult decision a family makes during wartime, to stay or to leave and seek refuge. I caught myself being a critic of people that were risking their lives to stay home but the more I thought about it the more I sympathized and even wondered if I would make a similar decision.

I wrote “Deep Space” in an airplane during an exchange with my neighbor. He worked in the Marshall Islands to maintain the satellites for deep space. As he was explaining it, I thought, “Wow, this is fantastic,” and started logging in these verses bit by bit in my mind. Eventually I went to the airplane bathroom to draft an audio recording of it. I used “Deep Space” as an analogy for when you push yourself past the limits of your comfort knowing well it could be as rewarding as it is frightening.

The deluxe version of Bedouine is out today via Spacebomb. Purchase it here.

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