Watch Miguel & Travis Scott Perform “Sky Walker” On Kimmel

All this week, Jimmy Kimmel Live is doing the thing where celebrities fill in, as guest hosts, for the absent Kimmel. On Monday night, that meant Chris Pratt singing a cheesy duet with Chris Stapleton. Last night, the host was Tracee Ellis Ross, star of Blackish and daughter of Diana Ross. And as her musical guest, she had the R&B star Miguel, who just released the solid new album War & Leisure. On the show, Miguel took over the show’s big outdoor stage. He sang his hit “Sky Walker,” and he wore all camo, except with a bright pink hoodie. (So: not very functional camo!) Travis Scott, who guests on the song, was there to warble robotically and to jump around, two things that Scott is good at doing. Here’s their performance:

Also on the show, Ross interviewed the soul-music deity Mary J. Blige, who stars in the new Netflix movie Mudbound. The two of them talked about how they always end up on the same planes, and then Ross happily dorked out about Blige’s classic debut album What’s The 411? Here’s that interview:

War & Leisure is out now on ByStorm Entertainment/RCA. Mudbound is now streaming on Netflix, and I hear that it’s very good.